A Day in the Life of a Streamer: Suchikuchi, A Lady Leather

It’s been a long time since we conceived the idea of that project. We bet that many of you are curious to know how the ordinary day of streamers looks like: when do they get up, what they have for breakfast, do they have enough sleep, etc. Today, we are glad to present your our new series of posts devoted to various streaming personalities. We want to show the life of a streamer from the inside, as it is not only about fun and entertainment, but also about commitment, tough schedule and work. The pilot story of Suchikuchi is a pure inspiration. Her life experience shows us that everything is possible even when the odds are against you. Suchi is a single mom of 11-year old daughter Quinn. She is living a happy life doing what she loves most (leatherworking and streaming) and being surrounded by people who love her. [gallery ids="2180,2179,2178"]

How It All Started

For the most of her adult life, Suchi was struggling with being a single mom of a child who was born sick. Due to unpredictable daughter’s illness flow, Suchi wasn’t able to find a regular job with adequate money. It was an unexpected roller coaster with years in and out of hospitals, illnesses and surgeries. My daughter was suffering with intestinal failure. For years, I hit road block after road block, trying to find a career that could sustain our life style and allow me to be available for my daughter and her needs.” With no help from outside, the only spare time Suchi had were nights. One day, she was introduced to “World of Warcraft” and immediately got hooked. She was taking part in various game competitions, until her friends advised her to take a crack in streaming.  When Suchi started her first streams, the concept of streaming hadn’t been so popular yet. Suchi didn’t believe that it could be possible to make money from streaming. But, with no option to find a freelance job with sustainable income, Suchi relished the opportunity. She bought a camera and started streaming “World of Warcraft”. “At first, it was weird. Having people watch me, but then people started donating too and wanting to see me play more. I was having fun and making friends! It was just for fun with WoW, but it wasn't making me any real money at all.

From Gaming to Creativity

When Suchi started leather working it was just a hobby. The first thing she made of leather was a collar for her beautiful dog Karma. Suchi spent around 16 hours working on with leather without realizing that she hadn’t eaten and sat down the whole day. Thus, she found her passion. “I started telling my stream that I was going to quit WoW so I could leather work all day and it was amazing how things worked out because right at that very time, Twitch was testing out the creative channel. I was able to stream my leatherwork! I was getting the best of both worlds! I was in heaven!” After a while, Suchi started creative streaming and got partnered within a couple of months. Suchi expected to earn some money from streaming to pay her bills and sustain their living, however, the expectations were unrealistic. So, she had to find a part-time job to be able to keep her family – this pulled her away from streaming and leather working, but was necessary at that time. Today, Suchi has quitted her part-time job and devotes herself to full-time streaming and leather working. Sometimes, Suchi is doing Lurk and Work streams when she turns off all notifications and concentrate on creative process. For such streams, she sits back and lurks while working. Suchi is making beautiful and very quality things of leather. Apart from making different leather items for geeks and gamers, Suchi have a lot of custom design orders. She works only with full grain leather, that why her products are expensive, but definitely worth their price. She doesn’t game streaming professionally any more. However, lately, she hooked up her PS4 to her computer and made a stream of her first Black Ops 3. “I do love killing internet people in my spare time, so why not do it on stream sometimes? So that's something different and new in my channel. Though the income through streaming is very up and down and really doesn't grow, the exposure I get for my business makes up for it! My business is growing so quickly.” Watch Suchikuchi’s Stream Highlights April 2017:

Streaming Has Rocked Suchi’s Life

Many streamers complain about the lack of time, online pressure and loss of privacy in their lives, saying that they have to give up many things they’ve loved doing before. For Suchi, it is not the case. She feels that streaming has changed her life to the better. «I don't feel like I gave up much when I started broadcasting. I feel like I've gained so much more than I've lost. I'm so grateful for where I am in my life and for the opportunities that have been presented to me. I still feel that for me, I'm at the beginning of my growth as a streamer and creator. Though Suchi’s streaming career didn’t provide her with fame and glory from the very beginning, she believes that it just wasn’t her time. Thanks to streaming, she found a way to share her passion and distribute her leather works to the wide audience. “The hardest thing for growing my channel in the beginning was not having enough support financially and emotionally. I was juggling a lot and you really need some financial support when you're trying to grow a stream as a single mother. When Suchi is off of streaming, she is leather working, networking, answering the emails, running different issues outside the house. She spends a lot of time editing YouTube videos, trying to schedule everything and find a balance between all tasks. In spite of crazy rhythm of her life, Suchi is a happy person, as she is doing what she loves most. Moreover, she has a man who gives her support and power to continue and pursue her dreams. “More recently, I've been very fortunate to have found the love of my life. He has made everything so much easier and better! Life as a streamer is busy as all hell!!! Yeah basically, my life is Twitch and business. LoL, but thanks to Mike, who has become my knight in shinning armor, I'm able to do what I enjoy doing and I'm given an opportunity to let my passion take me places that I want to go! I just recently quit my part time job so I can focus on just that.”

A Ordinary Day from the Life of Suchi

Below is a typical streaming day from the life of Suchi. Today, she is not doing night streams, however, her schedule is pretty tough: “Monday: 9am PST - 3pm PST Tuesday: 9am PST - 3pm PST Wednesday: 9am PST - 3pm PST Thursday: 9am PST - 3pm PST Friday: 8pm PST - Whenever we are done partying!” 5:45 am. – Suchi gets up to make her beloved a cup of coffee and give him a morning kiss before going to work. Then, she made a healthy breakfast and coffee for herself. 7:00 – 7:30 am. – Suchi is doing her daily morning workout. 7:30 am. – She wakes up her daughter, makes her a breakfast and helps get ready for school. 8.00 am. – Suchi takes a shower and gets herself ready for a stream. She draws up a list of projects to work during the day, makes sure if everything, including all bots, is working properly. She writes down the main points she is going to talk about (“whether it's what your favorite Mark Whalberg movie was or the latest national news.”) 8:50 am. – Suchi accompanies her daughter to school and rushes back home to start a stream. Before that, she takes a selfie and announces a future stream in social networks to remind her audience about the nearest broadcast. 9:00 am. – 3:00 pm.  – Suchi is streaming. 3:00 pm. – As soon as she ends her stream, Suchi answers emails, messages in social networks, updates her website, if needed. 3:00 – 11 pm. – Suchi cooks a dinner for the night, helps her daughter with homework, cleans up everything or trying to do this. Till 11 pm. Suchi is in her bed.