7 Tips on How to Build a Loyal Audience for Your Live Streaming Channel

Since you are reading this, you’ve started your streaming career and are looking for new ways to improve your skills and communicative habits. Riotgames, starladder1, beyondthesummit and other streamers attract thousands of viewers every day and are making living out of games. Want to be like them? The tips below will help you build a loyal audience and rise to new heights of live streaming.

#1. Initial Conversations with Your Audience

When you start streaming for the first time, you are dependent on a bunch of walk-in viewers in order to get them as your followers. Creating communication with a few viewers in your chat is a tricky task, especially for introverted person; however, it isn’t as tough as it sounds. Your first viewers wouldn’t have visited your channel in the first place if they were not interested in your game. So, try to encourage these people to jump into conversation without calling them out. You can talk about different non-game related topics: food, everyday routine, pop culture, sports, books and everything between. The main thing is maintaining interaction even if there is no one in the chat. Always treat your stream as if you had a big audience watching you. Such an approach helps train yourself at commentary and develop your interaction habits. If you are a novice, start with one certain game. Twitch community is very fickle: people that follow you for one game won’t watch your channel if you switch. When you develop a stable initial base of viewers, ask their opinion on what games they want you to stream.

Topics You’d Better Avoid:

  • Politics and religion. These are always the most controversial topics. No matter what is your opinion, discussing politics or religion issues will just piss your viewers off.
  • Music. It is also a risky zone. People have different tastes. So, if you talk about music preferences, be ready to hear unpleasant opinions about your music choice.
  • Sling mudding other streamers. For sure, rumors about other streamers will add some spice to chat discussion. But, in the long term such tactics will backfire on you.
  • Video games. It seems naturally to talk about games while streaming. Indeed, discussing videogames will contribute sparks to your discussion. But, be ready that viewers can be mad about others game choices turning discussion into a nasty chat.

#2. Reminding Viewers about Your Channel

You can’t be streaming day and night. However, to maintain the viewers’ interest to your content, you can create additional ways to connect with you, for instance, Twitter.  This way, you will be able to stay on their radar even when you are offline. Twitter account is a perfect place where you can remind about your future broadcasts and share comments on different topics. Twitter keeps communication short and pointed. It is better to create a separate Twitter account for your stream-related tweets. Facebook and other social networks are also good options to mention about your stream.

To Get More Exposure for Your broadcast, Follow These Pieces of Advice:

  • Let your friends and regular viewers to know the exact time you’ll be online, provide them with info on how to find your stream.
  • Search for gaming communities and forums where you can share posts and advertise your channel.
  • Word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools. Use websites, such as Clicktotweet, so that viewers who have followers will share that you are going live and they like your stream.
  • Try to play with other streamers and get joint stream gaming. It is a possibility to broaden your audience.

#3. Welcoming Back Returning Viewers

If people return to your channel, they probably like it. You can encourage returning viewers by letting them know that you remember their screen names. It is always pleasing to be recognized by someone you like. If you can remind something the viewer was talking about previously, it is worth extra points. For example, if someone in your chat was complaining about end-of-semester exams, next time ask him/her how it was going and congratulate on his/her efforts. Little things like this always matter. Attention to your returning viewers helps build a sense of community. One more important thing that can help is speaking out loud. When people return to your stream and find you talking out loud using all energy, they are more likely to stay on your stream and click on “Subscribe” button. Even if the progress with the audience building is slow, don’t get upset, just keep going and have positive attitude by doing your best.

#4. Dividing Your Attention Between Game and Chat

If you are a small streamer with less than 100 concurrent viewers, you haven’t probably experienced this problem. But, for more crowded streams dividing attention between gaming process and chat activity is a real challenge. As your stream grows, at some point you won’t be physically able to respond all people in the chat, keep up with every comment and greeting. It is normal. The thing that usually happens in the crowded chats is that viewers get to know each other and communication develops between chat participants. Try to cherry pick the most interesting and irregular questions from chat discussions and reply only to them. Offering your chat audience ways to be active is a great way to keep people around. Ask people questions, such as their thoughts concerning the game you are streaming. Initiate regular polls and suggest interesting topics to warm up a discussion.

#5. Building a Toxic-Free Community: Ban Hammer and AutoMod

Trolls and jerks are everywhere in the Internet, and you can’t avoid them in your stream. Ban this sort of people without any doubts. Your chat should be a comfortable place for you and a welcoming community for all newcomers. The following command allows you to permanently ban a user from the Twitch chat room: /ban <username> or just clicking the Cancel symbol directly in chat or on the user badge which appears when clicking on a username. AutoMod, the recently launched feature, aims to make your chat room friendlier without the need to ban users. AutoMod is a unique moderation tool that uses both machine learning and natural language processing to block inappropriate abusive content. Thus, such comments will be marked with an AutoMod flag and held in a queue until the moderation team allows them to go ahead or block them. Along with the phrases and words, AutoMod can filter inappropriate emotes and other symbols. With this feature, streamers can set a degree of filtering depending on which type of dialogue they want to see in their chats. For now, AutoMod is available only in English, but it is in beta testing for other languages.

#7. Bringing Your Viewers Together

As stated above, try to enforce the chat rules to build a community you want. To make you work easier, hire trustworthy moderators that will help you uphold the standard of communication in your chat. You have to be quick enough to ban trolls, to be polite when explaining people the rules and to stand firmly by your morals. Be sure that sooner or later your efforts will be rewarded with a grateful audience. In order to create a strong friendly community, encourage communication between users. Often users come to stream not only to watch the game, but to interact with chat regulars. They help each other with different issues, exchange opinions, making jokes and create a sense of healthy community. You can also use certain sayings, memes or jokes to bring your viewers closer and make your chat atmosphere distinct.

Take Away

These are just some tips that can help you boost a loyal audience. However, what may have worked for some might not work for you. The only way is to continue having fun and develop trustful relations with your viewers, regardless their current amount. Value your regular viewers (and let them know it), and do your best to welcoming new visitors. Don’t give up, as you can only get better.