7 Reasons Why People Don’t Watch Your Live Stream

The debates of how the most popular YouTube gamer PewDiePie has made his millions are still active at forums and other gaming communities. There are also numerous top-lists of the highest earning game streamers. What makes their channels so popular and successful? Why some streamers easily catch the wave of popularity while others just waste their breath in the vain hope? If you are streaming for a long time and still have 1-5 viewers on your channel, it is time to analyze the reasons why people don’t watch your live stream. Here are 7 reasons that can influence your popularity and success as a game streamer:

#1. You Are a Novice Streamer

Unfortunately, there is no a magic tool or application that can make you popular in one day. It takes some time to build your community, find your own style and games you are passionate about. Try to do your best to prove your viewers that it is worth spending their time watching your live stream. Be optimistic: instead of complaining that you have only one watcher, think that you have one person in the world that enjoys watching your stream. Changing attitude to the problem can be very empowering.

#2. No Schedule

We have already mentioned the importance of having a schedule of live streaming sessions. The same as with TV shows, viewers appreciate an exact air time. Imagine if your favorite series go live at random times. Would you be ready to always change your plans in order to watch it? To gain popularity on Twitch or other similar live streaming services, don’t be lazy to make up your own schedule: organize broadcasting at the same time on specific days. Having set days and time of your translations will increase the number of viewers coming back to your stream. Be realistic: don’t promise if you cannot fulfill your plans. If you are not able to stick to your schedule, how can you wait the same from your fans?

#3. Your Stream Is Boring

Even if you don’t have a unique charisma, it is not a reason for capitulation. There are at least three things that will help you enhance engagement:
  • Microphone
The possibility to use microphone is one of the biggest strengths of live streaming platforms. Real-time communication with real people – your viewers – is what makes streaming so special and popular. Even if you have 1-2 fans, keep going and commenting the game via microphone. We know that it can be embarrassing and hard for the first time, but keep working to make your stream more entartaining.
  • Camera
Without any doubts, camera will add more points to your image. When viewers can see your face on the screen, they become more engaged in interaction. The effect of presence, your body gestures and emotions will help build the loyalty of your audience.
  • Active Interaction
Twitch and similar live streaming services are live in the proper sense of the word. Only 30 second delay separates you from the audience. To build connection with your audience, you should be attentive and open. Remember, that your stream is about your audience, and not about you. You should offer you viewers a value, providing them with something that will make their lives better, more interesting, more fun. Try to be attentive to each viewer that shows up in the chat: ask how their day was, keep a pop-out chat open, organize giveaways, ask your audience about their preferences. It’s not okey if it takes you 10 minutes to answer a simple “Hello” message. If you think only about yourself, the number of fans will be a proof of that.

#4. You Don’t Think About Marketing at All

Unfortunately, there is no magic in turning more viewers to your channel. You have to promote yourself. We don’t encourage you to spam your stream to all people. However, you should think about non-intrusive promotion. One of the non-losing strategies is watching other people streams. Building long-term relationships with already established game streamers while contributing to their channels can help you grow your own audience. Most of the popular broadcasters make friends with other streamers looking for new experiences and ways to improve their streams, not because they have to do this, but because they want to. You can also promote your stream through forums, social media, Reddit and other outside websites, like YouTube.

#5. Too High Expectations

Many beginning game streamers come on Twitch with naïve expectations to earn millions of $, have 1k subscribers within a month… However, it is better not expecting anything. A tough work and a bit of good luck are the main ingredients of live streaming success. When you stream, you should think about having fun with your audience. Don’t think about potential earnings. That will be a nice bonus later on. If setting goals helps keep you motivated, make them realistic. Some streamers want to stream every day, others want to achieve 100 subscribers during a specific period – define what your goal is and make a plan.

#6. Your Stream Doesn’t Look Good

High video and audio quality – these are the main things that make your stream look good. According to Twitch’s guideline, the preferable streaming bit rate is 2500kbps. However, sometimes it is better stream at lower rate, because not all users have a good Internet connection and will be able to watch your live stream. Use good mic to provide viewers with a quality sound without echoes. Make sure that your mic is working properly and you are not looking like a mime before starting your broadcast. Overlays that last a half of stream can bother the viewers: nobody wants watching a ton of social network links, Twitter feed and so on. Another irritating thing is a number of different banners, logos and images below the live stream. Avoid cluttering up your channel page. Be careful with the music during the gameplay, maybe, it is better to turn it on at minimal levels. Users have their own music tastes and can listen to music everywhere, any time. They come to your channel for a gameplay, your comments and interaction.

#7. You Are Not Enjoying the Play

One thing that is common about all successful game streamers – they all enjoy the games they are playing. Probably, there is nothing more boring than a streamer who is bored with the game he/she is playing. If you are not enjoying your game, it is very doubtful that anybody else is going to. Don’t concentrate on earnings or amount of followers at the expense of having fun. N.B. Here some resources that can be useful for beginning streamers: r/Twitch on Reddit – a community of streamers and Twitch Tips which cover different live streaming issues, including technical ones.

Take Away

Not all listed reasons may apply to you. However, changing a few or even one of them can be crucial for your live stream. It may seem demotivating, but remember that your viewers have a wide choice of streamers to watch. Don’t have high hopes for becoming a top-streamer in a blink of an eye. Except for basic audio and video streaming quality (that you can improve easily), there is no sure formula of success. So, try to do your best and have fun playing your favorite games which is the most important thing of being a part of any live streaming platform.