20 Best Podcasts for Streamers

Over the last decade, podcasts have experienced a steady rise in popularity. According to Edison Research, 4 in 10 Americans listen to podcasts on a regular basis. This relatively new audio storytelling format has open the doors to thousands of listeners and creators. People love podcasts because they are convenient and don’t require their full attention. You don’t have to read or watch something to get necessary information. With podcasts, you can continue doing your habitual things while listening to what you’re interested in. For streamers, podcasts are one of the effective ways to learn new things to be implemented in their streaming career. Therefore, here is our list of the best 20 podcasts for streamers. Some of them aim to help you become a better streamer, others will make you familiar with the latest trends in the field of gaming and geek culture.

#1. TwitchTalks

Best podcast devoted to streaming on Twitch. The podcast is hosted by CPalm (also known as Cameron), a variety streamer who loves playing PC games, cooking and IRL streams. TwitchTalks podcast provides informative podcasts about Twitch, social media, and the news in the world of streaming. The cherry on top of the podcasts are interviews with successful streamers discussing various topics. The last TwitchTalks episodes were devoted to extensions and the newly released update that allows Bits to be used inside extensions, the pros and cons of taking breaks, etc. Search for other TwitchTalks episodes on iTunes, Player.fm and Stitcher.

#2. The Broman Podcast

Get to know the basics of streaming with Professor Broman - perfect start for beginning streamers. Ben Broman provided a series of valuable streaming-related guides and podcasts named “Streaming 101”. On Twitch, he is better known as ProfessorBroman and he is one of the mohicans of the platform since the Justin.tv has been launched. To get an idea of Broman’s style, watch Broman’s flagship episode of Streaming 101 where Broman and Teawrex discuss things needed to get started for streaming. Broman’s podcasts can be found on iTunes, SoundCloud and Stitcher. Podcasts are dated (the last one was in 2017), but they still remain informative, especially if you’re new to streaming.

#3. The Giant Bombcast

Game-related discussions and pure entertainment. The Giant Bombcast is the project of Giant Bomb website, created by former GameSpot editor Jeff Gerstmann and Ryan Davis. Being called as "charmingly garrulous" by the New Yorker way back in 2010, the Giant Bombcast is still on the rise of popularity among streamers and gamers. If you are searching for valuable tips, entertainment and funny comments, the Giant Bombcast is here to give you what you need. This weekly podcast is posted every Tuesday and offers discussions of games played at the weekend, the most interesting news in the video game industry and commenting of odd emails from fans. The main host of the show is Brad Shoemaker who is accompanied by Jeff Gerstmann, Dan Ryckert and other outstanding personalities that appear as the guests of the show. From July 2016, Giant Bomb started to live stream the recording of the Giant Bombcast in video format. All podcasts tend to be quite long, usually lasting about 3 hours each week, but once you start listening to them you’ll want them to be even longer. There are also a lot of quality video series produced by Giant Bomb, like Quick Looks, that provide reviews on recently released games. You can find all game-related content and the fullest list of podcasts on the new Giant Bomb website.

Watch the Giant Bombcast's Super Mario Bros. Review:

#4. Stream Key Podcast

Interview-based podcasts with valuable insights. If you like podcasts with invited guests, weekly Stream Key Podcasts hosted by the marketing director of TrueGaming GreenChord is especially what you’ve searched for. The podcasts cover different streaming-related content aimed to teach and motivate other people about streaming on Twitch. For instance, one of the last episodes was devoted to TwitchCon 2018 with the special guests DanTheDrapper and Anatlus89. They talked about lessons from TwitchCon and streaming tips. You can see the show live on Twitch every Wednesday (01:00 AM), Thursday and Friday at 06:00 AM or listen to podcasts available on Stitcher, iTunes, Spreaker.

#5. The Stream Coach Podcast

Tips on how to be a better streamer with a helpful and inspiring Ashni. The Podcast is hosted by the popular Twitch streamer Ashnichrist. Ashni began her Twitch career in 2013 and became a full-time partnered streamer in 2015. Many people wrote Ashni asking about her secrets of success, and she decided to share some valuable tips with her fans. Thus, Ashni provided a new type of educative content in the form of podcasts (look for them on Anchor, iTunes and Overcast) and YouTube videos. Her show features well-made series for both beginning streamers and those who are searching for ways to grow the audience. Ashni is very open and friendly personality, she loves “tech, traveling, self-care, inclusivity and puppie” (as she stated in her Twitch profile description). She genuinely believes that everyone can pursue a dream and learn how to stream successfully.

7 Things CRAZY Successful Streamers Do Differently:


#6. Videogame BANG! Podcast

Podcasts about game industry, television, comics, and cosplay presented by four charming hosts. These are series of podcasts about video game industry, technology, and geek culture hosted by the crew of enthusiasts from Sacramento, CA. Initially, the VideoGame BANG! Podcast was started by two friends Cory Vincent and Aaron Carter. The show opened new opportunities for the guys including interviews with famous game developers, composers and Internet celebrities, such as Ashley and Anthony Burch of Hey Ash “What Ya Playing”, and YouTube star Freddie Wong. Today, the VideoGame BANG! Podcast is hosted by Cory Vincent (a passionate game lover from the childhood and the mastermind of the show), David Webb (a host, photographer and responsible for social media promotion), Ivy Doomkitty (an internationally recognized cosplayer, artist, gamer and published model) and Emma Skies (Costume maker/wearer, Twitch streamer). They are talking about all things video game, comics, movies, television, and cosplay. The podcasts will give your precious minutes of real fun and most important news without any agenda and fluff.

#7. Jackass Podcast

Podcast that gathers the crowd of people  8-25 invited guests talking about anything from indie games to women’s role in streaming. The podcast is hosted by a partnered full-time Twitch streamer Jacklifear who is also known for being a gamemaster of the Earthdown ruleset and community manager for indie games. The most noticeable peculiarity of the show is its large, rotating cast: it breaks out the standard 4-person podcast format. Jacklifear invites from 8 to 25 people from a variety of backgrounds Twitch staff members, game developers, streamers, channel moderators, etc. They talk about anything that drives them, makes them depressed or inspired. The show provides a real chat about such hot topics as females in gaming, LGBT communities, pressures towards creative personas. Whether you are a game streamer or the lover of podcasts, you will enjoy Jackass Podcast for its humor, tough topics and expert opinions.

#8. Kinda Funny Gamescast

Latest gaming news covered in entertaining manner. These podcasts are produced by the well-known content creation company Kinda Funny Games. The main topics covered include games, movies, television, comics and other news of nerd culture. Every week, the hosts Greg Miller and Tim Gettys invite a special guest from the industry to talk about the latest gaming news. All Kinda Funny production is quality, entertaining and funny. However, many dedicated fans think that the show is getting worse after a new host Jared Petty has joined it. Anyway, if you have never listened to Gamecast show, it’s really worth your time.

#9. What's Good Games

The territory of female streamers that offer a blend of news, hot discussions and interviews. This is a series of podcasts about nerd culture hosted by three charming girls with nearly 30 years of games industry experience. This is how the girls describe themselves: “What’s Good Games is our way of creating a space where we can talk about games and other stuff. We are fancy, freely, passionately, and most importantly: with you”. Andrea Rene is on-camera professional host, producer and writer: she is the most expressive and leading personality from the trio. Brittney Brombacher is the creator of  the video game website BlondeNerd.com and is really good at content producing, filming and covering different game events. The third co-host Kristine Steimer has plenty of experience in gaming industry: she’s worked at IGN and PlayStation. The girls compliment each other extremely well and create a highly explosive mixture of news, discussions, analysis, commentary, interviews with influencer guests and funny stuff. They provide valuable info, extraordinary visions and share many personal details about their life and believes. The show will be interesting for all inclined to nerd culture. The podcasts release every Friday at 8:00 am PT.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay Reveal by What's Good Games:

#10. Game Informer Show

Podcast devoted to newly-released games and interviews with game developers. It’s a weekly podcast created as a part of Game Informer magazine project hosted by Ben Hanson from 2015. Ben is a professional host with many years of experience in the video production and gaming industry. His first entry to the gaming world coincides with the purchase of an old Apple II. He started with making gaming-themed videos with friends. Then, his passions led Ben to a degree in Media Studies. In the Game Informer he managed to unite his two biggest passions gaming and video producing. Game Informer podcast consists of two main parts. The first part is the discussion of newly released or upcoming games, the second one features interviews with developers and other special guests. Each episode is dedicated to a single topic or game. The GI Show podcasts release every Thursday night. Ben Hanson, Ben Reeves, Matt Miller, Elise Favis, Matt Bertz, Jeff Cork, and Leo Vader read emails from the community and discuss the level of detail in Rockstar's wildly ambitious sequel to Red Dead Redemption: https://www.youtube.com/embed/_YSa-HXgma8

#11. Completely Unnecessary Podcast

Latest news in video gaming, movie and retro game topics from two Scottish friends. Every two weeks, Pat Contri and Ian Ferguson discuss the latest news in gaming, movies, comics, wrestling, retro games as well as take Q&A from the fans. With the main focus on retro gaming, the guys also manage to cover other relevant topics, including political talks (however, many fans are not very impressed by the last thing). Unlike many other podcasts for streamers, Pat and Ian do a lot of homework before discussing any topic. Their podcast is both entertaining and insightful. The guys perfectly compliment each other, create a friendly atmosphere and make you laugh out loud. If you’re searching for good commentary about pop culture, retro gaming and geek cinema, The Completely Unnecessary Podcast will be a good choice. The podcasts are available on Stitcher, iTunes, Podbay and other podcast services.

Look through the playlist of Completely Unnecessary Podcast:

#12. Waypoint Radio

The most interesting news in game industry from four gaming veterans. Waypoint Radio presents one of the most thoughtful and interesting podcasts about games. The hosts of the show are four gaming veterans: Austin Walker, Danielle Riendeau, Rob Zacny, and Patrick Klepek. Twice a week they discuss the most important news in gaming industry, what they are playing, etc. The show is very entertaining, and the hosts are charming. The only downside of the show is that the guys tend to be very subjective when they dislike some game. There is a kind of superiority atmosphere that can be not to everyone’s taste.

#13. Super Best Friendcast

A super friendly atmosphere and juicy mixture of valuable tips, news and behind-the-scenes insights. Every week, three buddies known as the Super Best Friends discuss the latest news in video gaming, movies, and comics under the motto “We promise nothing, and deliver less.” This Canadian trio consists of Matt the originator who adores cats, Godzilla and cereal; Pat “the ginger man baby” who loves playing RPGs; and Woolie the FGC veteran who fought Daigo (a famous Japanese gamer who holds multiple records in fighting games) and lived. All together the guys create a real chemistry and will make you feel a part of their friend circle. They provide a nice blend of juicy gaming information, creative and interesting look at the behind-the-scenes of the gaming world. Super Best Friends know what they are talking about and always respect their fans. You can watch the friends live streaming on Mondays at 1 pm EST or listen to the podcasts that release on Tuesdays at noon EST. The podcasts usually last for 2 hours, but they are really worth your time.

#14. Let's Fight A Boss Podcast

Funny Irish friends talking about games, movies and other media. This is biweekly video game podcast from three Dublin-based animator friends Bryan, Niamh and John who like to discuss openly and casually video games and nerd culture. They review YouTube channels, talk about games, movies, shows and whatever they find interesting. The name of the show means that the guys pursue the single goal – to fight against whatever boss stands before them whether it is social blunders or fear of being an adult. You can find the podcasts available on iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify and YouTube.

#15. Geeks Respawn Podcast (formerly Girl Tribe Gaming)

The company of two gaming girls sharing their experience and extraordinary vision on the gaming industry with a special attention to Xbox games. This is a video game podcast hosted by two girls who have been gaming together since 2005. Most of all, Zen and Jen enjoy Xbox Live, but they also provide reviews and gaming news about console games, Playstation and Nintendo. They discuss superheros, zombies, comics, cover mobile gaming and share many random geek insights. Zen is a designer of many things currently based in Michigan. Her love to video games began once she unwrapped an NES one Christmas night. Jen aka Moto is a Mixer partner content creator living in the Seattle. She has been an Xbox MVP since 2014 and tells that she has an addiction to Xbox achievements. If you are looking for a friendly, positive and diverse community that adore talking about zombie apocalypses, robots and time traveling, Geeksrespawn is what you need. Below is a short breakdown of Girl Tribe Gaming's history and vision: https://www.youtube.com/embed/B24DgXAgF0s

#16. Left Behind Game Club

The lovers of game oldies offering funny discussions and interviews with guests related to gaming industry. This twice-monthly gaming podcast is the result of joint venture of three good friends. They pick an old game you may have been missed, play it and talk about it. Jacob is a marketer and professional radio broadcaster. Michael is a management consultant addicted to video games, he is good at professional sports marketing and understanding of the esports landscape. Moe is a Web Developer who spends his free time playing and learning to build games. The guys provide thorough insights in the games, provide occasional interviews with developers, guest hosts, designer interviews, and special topic shows. Here is a full list of podcasts with the detailed description that makes it easier to choose.

#17. The 1099

Deep professional insights into the gaming industry and its behind-the-scene life. The 1099 is an interview-based podcast that highlights the best YouTubers, streamers, game developers, publishers, writers. Main topics include gaming, media and sport. The podcasts are hosted by Josiah Renaudin, a writer, producer and a former developer at Tangent Games. His interviews are always very informative with the insights into gaming journalism and game development. Josiah has a talent in asking questions and catching interesting and personal information. At the same time, Josiah manages to create a sympathetic atmosphere to make each guest feel and sound comfortable. He perfectly keeps a balance between being professional and friendly. The podcasts help open critical thinking and are not similar to typical news of the usual weekly gaming podcasts. If you want to have more inner understanding of what is like to work in games media and criticism, The 1099 will be a worthy addition to your podcast feed.

#18. ReadyComicsRoll

Video games, comics, tabletop and collectible games, wrestling, horror movies discussions presented by three good friends. The podcasts are presented by three friends Join Anthony, John, and Mike, that are passionate about games, comics, and tabletop gaming. One day, the trio were discussing why DC Heroclix figures are usually overpowered compared to Marvel characters, and the bright idea of creating some kind of game-related discussions came to their minds. So, they started a series of podcasts and YouTube videos covering different gaming and geek topics and interviews with special guests from the industry. The guys manage to create a chatty and friendly atmosphere. The only downside of the show is that it looks a lit bit handicraft: the guys are crowded together around a simple kitchen table with some blue cover, the sound isn’t clear sometimes.

#19. Gaming History 101

A retro games community providing reviews on different old games. Each month Fred and his special guest Rob “Trees”  from the former EZ Mode Unlocked podcast choose to play 1-2 games to discuss on the show. They also invite game-related personalities to discuss old and new games, gaming trends, etc. The show hinges on Fred who is the king of “never a dull moment”. He is funny, ironic and is very good at gaming and writing. Thanks to Fred, all the podcasts have transcripts and you can read or listen to them on the official Gaming History 101 website.

#20.  Bitsocket

Podcast from two Scottish friends Scott and Joe, all about the video games that they love. Podcasts are made by Scott and Joe with the assistance of their good friends Alison and Kim. The guys say that they usually come up with ideas, while Alison and Kim help in their realization and film Scott and Joe acting like 6-year old. Scott White is responsible for creativity in the duo, while Joe Merrick has deep knowledge in gaming. Together they create a high quality podcast full of interesting reviews, opinions and music. The history of Bitsocket started in early 2010 when they filmed a series of YouTube videos about the games, most of them were about Yakuza. Since then, they experimented with the ton of formats and ideas until started the Bitsocket podcast and blog. The duo is incredibly talented and artistic. Each podcast features a distinct vision of the problem and extraordinary approach. The guys also love recording their podcast from public places, such as a village pub or Glasgow city center. This creates a nice present effect and doesn’t influence the sound quality.


Podcasts give busy people what they need: flexibility, variety, and possibility to consume content on-the-go. But, with so many podcast choices, sometimes it might be overwhelming to manage. So, our list consists of the best podcasts to suit all tastes. When choosing a podcast, try to understand which format is closer to you: solo, interview-based, multi-host, show, round-table podcast or information podcast. You may be drawn to one format over another. When you figure out what option suits you best, it will be easier to navigate through our list. Give yourself a free and fresh way of entertainment with our 20 best podcasts for streamers.