10 Topnotch Twitch Streams of 2016

Launching a successful Twitch stream these days is not an easy task. With an average of 1,7 million of broadcasters on the platform every month, becoming noticed is rather a game of chance. Let’s take the cue of the most popular streamers of 2016 year that managed to stand out of the pack.

#1. Syndicate

Followers: 2,460,974 Peculiarity: the first person in the history of Twitch that reached 1 million followers in 2014  Syndicate channel on Twitch ranks the first place in terms of followers, Socialbalde.com reports. Tom Cassel, the creator of Syndicate Project, is a video blogger with more than 9 million YouTube subscribers. He started his streaming career in 2010 and became prominent for his Call of Duty videos and zombie stream marathon on Twitch. During the marathon Syndicate managed to gather over 100 000 concurrent viewers. Apart from Call of Duty, Syndicate’s channel counts more than 400 episodes of Minecraft gameplays. But, the secret of Tom’s success is not only his game proficiency, but his unordinary personality. Today, Syndicate makes less of the gaming videos, focusing instead on vlogging his life in LA and Manchester. 
Syndicate also has its own clothing line and family store in the UK and US called SyndicateOriginal. As for the future perspectives, Tom is willing to develop his own games.  Watch one of the educational videos where Syndicate explains how to pack a punch and defeat the enemy in “Black Ops 3: Zombies”: 

#2. Bloodyfaster

Followers: 10 782 Peculiarity: game&signing Bloodyfaster (Eleni) is a computer engineer, singer and game-lover. Eleni is originally from Greece, but currently living in California. Her stream is quite exotic: it combines singing, pleasent accent and a good gameplay. 
Bloodyfaster joined Twitch in February 2016, but for now she has a pretty wide audience. She is playing different games from Mass Effect and Deadpool to Overwatch and Neverending Nightmares. Eleni’s YouTube channel with cover songs and professionally-made videos has more than 6 970 views. Eleni is best known for acapella versions on stream that covered The Lion King’s “Circle of Life” and Aladdin’s “A Whole New World.”

#3. DaigothebeasTV

Followers: 55 275 Peculiarity: Twitch global ambassador, wearing costumes of Japanese webcomic characters This stream is especially worth watching for those who want to improve Street Fighter skills. Daigo Umehara (that’s the streamer’s name) is literally a guru of Street Fighter V.  Daigo has played different computer games since 1995 (when he was 14) and won the first tournament in 1997. Since then, he regularly participated in various gaming competitions and won multiple prices.  Although Daigo is speaking Japanese, he often has a translator to explain viewers all important moments, overpowered characters and other details. Apart of educational value of Daigo’s stream, he also loves to entertain his audience: he dresses up in the costumes of famous Japanese webcomic characters such as One Punch Man or Thomas the Tank Engine.

#4. Easy Allies

Followers: 19 339  Peculiarity: the group stream  Probably, everyone has heard about this group of streamers. Easy Allies presents a group of gaming content producers who “hate being called content producers.” If you have a thirst for a chatty environment and chuckle commentary, this streaming channel is right for you. Here, you won’t meet any judgments about your gaming preferences: these guys are playing various games and always bring positive vibes. Easy Allies provide a steady schedule of their streams: they stream almost every weekday, but Tuesday nights are special presenting all members of Easy Allies streaming together. 

#5. MaximusBlack

Followers: 198 983 Peculiarity: Maximus organized his wedding with the help of Twitch donations and livestreamed the whole ceremony  Jeffrey MaximusBlack Johnston started as a Starcraft II gamer. However, success came to his stream in 2014 when he switched to World of Warcraft and League of Legends. MaximusBlack refers to his audience as The Fellowship of the Bouses (his peculiar way to pronounce the word “bosses”) and often wears unusual dressings the audience wants to see him in. Once he even streamed wearing a full chainman costume. Maximus broadcast his wedding on the Twitch main page and paid for it from the fans’ donations.  Watch MaximusBlack streaming in the chainman costume: 

#6. GuardsmanBob

Followers: 103 380 Peculiarity: music curated by the viewers, radio-voice of GuardsmanBob and interesting interactive features GuardsmanBob started his streaming career playing League of Legends, however, today, he has moved to Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm. GuardsmanBob doesn’t talk too much, but if he does, it is always an informative commentary. The stream has a very friendly atmosphere and is accompanied by relaxed music. GuardsmanBob codes his own bots for stream providing his viewers with interactive features. Thus, streaming audience can vote to rate the song to be played. Viewers are also able to set the flag of their countries that appear next to their names and guess how many wins GuardsmanBob will get before an arena runs. The stream is perfect to watch while working or learn more thoroughly, depending on your preferences. 

#7. Oshi7

Followers: 54 966 Peculiarity: stream of a fun young loving couple Emily and Fred In 2013 Oshi7 was a stream of one person - Fred. Emily was always sitting behind, eating pasta while Fred was playing his games. When Fred nipped out and was attacked by zombies, Emily was trying to figure out the game in order to rescue Fred’s character. Chat participants liked Emily and encouraged her to get into the game. Today, this funny married couple always stream together. They love playing DayZ and Battle Royale. Their channel is very relaxing: here, you won’t find sledging, insults or detailed instructions on how to play. But, if you are thirsty for cheerful chatting, funny comments and romantic zombie murders, Oshi7 will be right for you. 

#8. SolitaryWolfXD

Followers: 45 684 Peculiarity: experimentation with meta algorithm in League of Legend, active interaction with community If you are a fan of League of Legends, SolitaryWolfXD channel won’t leave you indifferent. SolWolf can teach you many things, including how to get through the meta restrictions in the game. This Twitcher has more than 150 episodes on YouTube called “Breaking The Meta” where he experiments with game scenarios playing champions in lanes they shouldn’t go. SolWolf is good at explaining what and why he is doing in the game what makes his channel perfect for those gamers who have basic knowledge of the game. 

#9. Phonecats

Followers: 160 485 Peculiarity: mobile games streaming, fan of Clash Royale Once the game Clash Royle was released in January, 2016, Chris Phonecats became obsessed with it and was one of the first who streamed it on Twitch. Chris maintains an active interaction in chat, has a nice manner of speaking and manages to explain his thoughts as well as narrating the game process in the same time. If you are not a fan of Clash Royale, check Phonecat’s schedule: he also plays Hearthstone, Diepio, Growtopia and Slither.io.

#10. ItsHafu

Followers: 438 488 Peculiarity: one of the most popular female streamers and the best female Hearthstone Arena player in the world Hafu Chan’s passion to gaming began when she was 14 years old. She had been playing games throughout her teens and is currently a full-time streamer living in California. ItsHafu started with League of Legends, then jumping to other games including Hearthstone, WoW. She is very active in championing streaming: she was a restoration druid on an MLG team for arenas in WoW and now she is Hearthstone player for Cloud9 (the North American eSports organization fielding teams in Counter-Strike).  One of the success factors of ItsHafu channel is her full dedication to streaming: she streams regularly, 60-80 hours on average every week. One more thing that made ItsHafu famous is her feminist statements against misogynistic comments from male viewers in her chat.
There were some scandals related to abuse Hafu faced as a female pro gamer. Once she even turned off of the competition in a WoW Tournament Realm because there was a team named “Gonna Rape Hafu At Regionals.” Watch an inspiring video interview with Hafu Chan:

Take Away

Twitch is a huge community with all levels of gamers that struggle for viewers’ attention for dear life. In our post we’ve listed only some of the most interesting streamers (at our discretion) that are fun to watch, educational, scandalous or all of the above. Hope that some of these personalities will kickstart your streaming experience.