10 Best Birthday Stream Ideas

Want to bring more fun and entertainment to your birthday stream? We gathered 10 most interesting and easy-to-realize ideas to make your birthday stream special and memorable. Let’s start, without long introductions!

#1. Viewer Games

Find a game where you can involve your viewers. For example, there is a service called JackBoxTv, where you can buy a party game to play with viewers. Drawful and Quiplash are some of the most popular games. Only you need to own the game, while other participants can easily join it via computer or smartphone. Another way to create community playgame is inviting your viewers to a small  server and play with them.

#2.  Decorations

If you don’t have energy for major interaction, you can just decorate the place from where you stream to set a holiday mood. You can have tons of balloons filled with helium and floating in the background. You can also pop the balloons during the game, based on some trigger expressions or game events (when somebody dies, for example). Pinata or confetti are also good ideas for decoration. Let’s watch Deligracy’s birthday stream highlight. She has a cute party decoration and is having a real fun of eating birthday sweets. The best part of a stream is when Deligracy is sorting out all her birthday presents, including those from her fans.

#3. Сostume Party Stream

If you are not doing cosplay streams in the ordinary life, you can surprise your viewers with new dressing up ideas. Think over about the costume that best represents your favorite hero, champion or character from the game you play. Instead of only watching the gameplay, cosplay offers another way for viewers to feel more involved. It is a good birthday idea for those who have improvisational skills and can play a video game, while commenting as a character, interacting in a chat, managing bots, etc. It is not as easy as it may seem.

#4. Giveaways for Fellow Viewers

Want to become a birthday Santa for your followers? Organizing a giveaway is always a good idea. But, if it is your first time, better stay away from giveaways on your birthday. Any giveway is a perfect place for random people who enter your stream only for a prize and then go forever. We think you don’t want to “invite” such people on your birthday party. But, there are ways to filter your audience beforehand. Try launching a coins’ system so that your chat participants can use accumulated coins as a threshold to enter giveaway. You can also set the rules for your giveaway letting only regular viewers participate in it. Or it is also possible to do some quiz about yourself, and only those who give right answers are allowed to participate. Be careful with sending the physical items: make sure that your address doesn’t get out there. Different Twitch bots, such as Ankhbot, can help you do your giveaway more secure and well-organized.

#5. Funny Donation Rules

Set some funny action for every specific donation amount  that comes from your viewers. For example, when somebody donates $5, your roommate slaps you with birthday pie cream on your face. Birthday shots per donation can also be fun, but be aware about Twitch's “Self-Destructive Behavior” rules ("Any activity that may endanger your life or lead to your physical harm is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: suicide threats, intentional physical trauma, use of illegal drugs, and drinking excessively.") So, actually, it is not forbidden to drink while streaming, but you should do this wisely.

#6. Prepare Surprise

Change the ordinary way you start your streams. For instance, you can have a big birthday cake (real or false one), get into it, start your stream with no-show yourself, wait for 5-10 minutes and then pop out of the cake. Or you can start you stream with invited band of your friends or roommates marching and signing for you and your fans.

#7. Make Your Viewers Feel Special

Though a birthday is your day, try to make it special for your viewers as well. Share your emotions and funtime with them. Give people options to participate in the stream. For example, give them an opportunity to choose the game, organize karaoke performed by you between the games. A guessing game can also be a good idea. You can randomly pick a viewer to answer some question about you and then give the audience right answers. Such activity could be real fun. Let it be only 1-2 hours, but spend this time as if you are celebrating with your family and friends. Take a look at  lalicel birthday stream: she reads aloud birthday wishes from her fans and let her fans communicate with her for some minutes via skype video conference. The stream is nice and natural with funny birthday songs from fans. Viewers  look very happy by given them a chance to talk with a favorite streamer.

#8. Relax, Have Fun

There are multiple Reddit threads discussing birthday stream ideas, and you can get an impression that you must do something special, extraordinary on this day. Stop.. The only thing you must do on your birthday is having fun and doing what you want. In case you don’t have time, financial and emotional resources to organize cosplay or decorated streams, skip these ideas. Relax, have a party, play games with your regulars, tell life stories or just play interactive paper games. Let yourself rest, stream 1 hour instead of 4. Go a little outside your norms, but definitely have fun.   

#9. Have Special Stream Day and Time

If you have a strict schedule and normally do streams 2 times a week in the evenings, let’s broadcast in the morning of your birthday or on the weekend. You can also provide longer stream then usually or make a 24-hour stream (to make it more watchable, plan out all games you’ve chosen, letting your viewers know what you will be playing during each hour). Thus, you’ll surprise your fans and, maybe, let some of your rare viewers a chance to watch your stream, when they’d usually sleep (because of different timezone). Here is an example of 24-hour birthday stream schedule.

#10. Make a Charity Stream

On your birthday, people will be more eager to please you and donate money. So, you can use this occasion for charity donations. If you don’t have any donation goal, take a look at our previous post on how to organize charity streams. It is also possible to combine charity stream with giveaway: for instance, you can promise to organize giveaway every time, when somebody donates a specific amount of money. Think about donation alerts to motivate your viewers and make the whole money gathering process more open.


If you decide to organize a special birthday stream for your fans, announce this event ahead of time, so that more people will show up in your stream. You can even desing and send special birthday invitations to your fans. Remember that birthday stream is more a party for your viewers. Hope our ideas will help you organize an amazing birthday stream!