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Launching a successful stream these days is not an easy task, especially if you’re just starting and don’t know in what direction to move. Here are some tips to help you understand some basic tactics of growing the audience and creating a popular stream.

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  • Day 1Ideal streaming schedule

    Did you know that the biggest viewership is from 3 pm to 5 pm? What should you do if you have viewers from different time zones? Find out how to choose the right time for your broadcasts.

  • Day 2Choosing which game to stream

    Minecraft or Call of Duty? Personal enjoyment or a rage for fame? Get to know which games are of the highest demand and which ones are better to avoid.

  • Day 3About communicative tactics

    Is it possible to achieve success without talking on streams? What to do if you have an ugly voice? See our ideas on how to overcome shyness and develop your talkative skills.

  • Day 4Expanding the audience

    Are you stumbling with the same amount of viewers for a long time? We’ll tell you how to engage your audience: community nights, cross-stream events, dual streaming, co-op adventure games, etc.

  • Day 5Using special events to attract viewers

    Need to bring new blood into your stream? Mix up your streaming sessions with giveaways, community nights and cross-stream events.

  • Day 6Dealing with negativity on Twitch and other platforms

    Tired of struggling with trolls and negative comments? We suggest some practical tips to help you filter out the chat audience.

  • Day 7Designing your channel page

    Is it worth creating a professional graphic and channel panel for your stream? What to do if you are not savvy at Photoshop? Learn how to customize Twitch overlays and design your page.

  • Day 8Setting goals and take action

    How to start when you don’t know where to start? Elaborate a concrete plan and set priorities. Learn how to bring structure to your goals with the help of useful apps.

  • Day 9Working on the quality of webcasting

    Which bitrate, resolution and FPS are better for your stream? Does the video quality depend on the game? Get to know more on how to fine-tune your ideal webcasting quality.